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Designing a meeting scheduling & meeting room booking app.


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48 hours


UX Designer



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Acme is a very fast-growing company. Given a highly collaborative environment, employees need to schedule a large number of meetings everyday. Come up with a design solution for employees to schedule meetings & book a meeting room for the purpose. - PhonePe Internship Design Assignment

Some Assumptions

  • All employees within Acme have Gsuite ids, and use Slack channels & Gmail for all internal communication.
  • Each meeting room has a biometric device (eg; fingerprint sensor) installed at the door, where the employees can check-in before attending the meeting.
  • Each meeting room has a tablet device installed that can show details about availability, facilities, ongoing meeting etc.

Why do we need another calendar app?

  • There is a plethora of scheduling / calendar apps available that let you schedule meetings & also get timely reminders & updates.
  • Also, there are a lot of useful plugins available for Slack and other collaboration platforms that let you integrate calendar functionalities.
  • Therefore I needed to understand all the problems associated with the current procedures of scheduling & attending meetings in different companies.


I conducted 3 telephonic interviews with employees from different sectors - automobile (Mercedes Benz), software (Microsoft) & FMCG (ITC). My aim was to learn about the steps involved in scheduling a meeting & booking a meeting room, & understand the underlying problems.

This was the rough questionairre that I had prepared:

  • Walk me through the last time you scheduled a meeting.
  • What are the different agendas for the meetings?
  • How do discussions about meeting timings & attending members take place?
  • How are meeting rooms booked? What all facilities are required during a meeting?


All of the interviewees that I talked to told me that their companies used a combination of a communication platform & a scheduling platform for meetings (or either 1 of the 2).

Details about the communication and scheduling platform Details about the communication and scheduling platform Details about the communication and scheduling platform
  • Meeting agendas range from brainstorming sessions, standups, product launches, announcement meetings etc.
  • Facilities like TV screens, projectors, charging ports, mics, podium are required according to the agenda of the meeting & the number of people in attendance.
  • Attendees in the meeting are usually decided according to the work that has to be discussed. Sometimes dept. wide or company wide meetings also take place.
  • Small meetings (< 15 members) are usually scheduled 1-2 days ahead. Big meetings are mostly scheduled a week before the actual date.

Existing Scenarios

I identified the following 3 scenarios occurring while scheduling meetings in companies (based on my interviews) :

Scenarios existing at different companies Scenarios existing at different companies Scenarios existing at different companies

I noted down the positive and negatives of each of these scenarios, and came to the conclusion that Scenario 3 is the best scenario.

User Journey

User journey while booking a meeting room User journey while booking a meeting room User journey while booking a meeting room
  1. Discussing & finalising meeting agenda, meeting timings, attendees etc.

  2. Selecting a time slot in which all attending members are free & scheduling a meeting at the time.

  3. Booking a meeting room according to the no. of people attending, facilities required, availability of rooms etc.

  4. Notifications sent to every attending member about the time, venue & other detais of the meeting.

Use Cases

These are the use cases I could think of based on my research. For the sake of this task I have focussed on use cases 1, 2 & 3.

Use cases of booking a meeting room Use cases of booking a meeting room Use cases of booking a meeting room

Presenting Acmeet.

Logo, colors and typography Logo, colors and typography Logo, colors and typography

Why Slack Plugin + App?

  • Slack as a communication platform is very useful for discussions related to scheduling meeting.
  • But it is difficult to incorporate room booking features in a Slack plugin.
  • A Slack plugin + standalone app system reduces the difficulty in switching between platforms.
  • Therefore, I decided to go ahead with this system.
Why did I choose to have a Slack plugin and a standalone app?

Meetings Screen

  1. A user will want to see his scheduled meetings on the Meetings screen (Also the landing screen of the app).
  2. He/she will also want to view any updates regarding meetings he has been added in (Eg: rescheduling, cancellation etc.)
  3. The Meetings screen also provides the option to create a new meeting (Schedule + Book room)
Wireframes of the meetings screen All meetings screen

Creating a meeting

Flow for scheduling a meeting Flow for scheduling a meeting

Booking room for already scheduled meeting

  • There are scenarios where one might not want to schedule a meeting on the app & add all attendees after already having discussed and finalised the meeting verbally or elsewhere.
  • For such scenarios there must be an option to just book a room without having to schedule a meeting.
  • This feature will also be useful for urgent/impromptu meetings where there might not be enough time to schedule a meeting first (or even discuss about it).

Notifications & Reminders

  • Notifications will be sent to the employee when he/she is added to a meeting.
  • Reminders will be sent before a meeting to ensure that the employee reaches the meeting in time.
  • Alert will be sent to the employee if he doesnt checkin at the meeting room in time (maybe 5 mins after the meeting starts).
  • Notifications will also be sent in the case of recheduling, cancellation or updation of venue (meeting room).
  • Push notifications will sent to the employee to confirm his availability (Going? Yes, No, Maybe)

Office Navigation for New Employees

  • New employees will generally not be familiar with the layout of the office building, & therefore might face problems in navigating to the required meeting rooms.
  • I thought of Augmented Reality based navigation as a solution.
  • AR could add some delight to the process to going to a meeting & will also help the user navigate better.

What more can be done?

  • In this assignment I haven't taken setting up recurring meetings into consideration. That is also a considerably important use case and should be designed for.
  • The Augmented Reality idea could also be extended to viewing rooms while booking (For eg: having a 3d model of each room).
  • The interface for the tablet device installed outside each meeting room displaying booking info etc. should also be designed, as it is also a part of the overall experience.