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My submission for Sprinklr’s Visual Design Assignment for 2021 summer internships.


22-24 Aug ’20

Visual Designer


Foodpanda Community Webpage Banner Foodpanda Community Webpage Banner

My submission for Sprinklr's Visual Design Assignment for 2021 Summer Internships. The assignment had to be submitted within 48 hours, which gave me invaluable insights on time management and creative thinking.

The Story

This is the background story that I have interpreted from the Visual Design Problem Statement that Sprinklr gave to me. I have filled in the gaps in the story by finding relevant data online and making logical assumptions wherever required.

The Story

Problem Statement

To survive and succeed in this highly competitive market, Ola will have to fix Foodpanda's broken UX and strengthen their relationship with the target audience. They aim to achieve these goals by doing the following two things:

Redesign Icon

Redesign Foodpanda’s Visual Identity

to reflect the organization’s personality- innovative, youthful, playful

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Create an online food community

to support current customers & onboard new customers to the product



The Problem Statement involved designing an online community from scratch, a relatively new concept for me. So I started my research by reading about the crucial elements that lead to creating a successful online community/forum.

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Make things easy to find & search

A user might land on the community page with a wide variety of goals to accomplish. Users should be allowed to recognise and navigate to the elements of their interest swiftly.

Simplify Iterate Icon

Curate, Simplify & Iterate

While designing an online community, we should carefully curate the content baskets and eliminate the unnecesarry elements. We should also keep testing and reiterating to build a more successful and inclusive community.

Influencers Icon

Encourage & Motivate Influencers

People feel empowered when they are given an opportunity to act from a position of power, and therefore dedicate more time and resources for the community.


Having understood the critical elements of a thriving online community, it was time to see these elements in action. The only way to do this was to explore existing online communities that have successfully attracted and retained huge numbers of users.

The benchmarking was also useful while designing the UI for the landing page as it helped me keep in mind the best practices followed by successful community pages.


Cafemom Benchmarking

Option to filter stories by tags is prominently placed at the top to make relevant content easy to find.

Cafemom Benchmarking

Global search for the website. Also gives the option to search the keywords on Google.


Dogster Benchmarking

Email newsletter sent on regular intervals to keep the users engaged even when not on the website.

Dogster Benchmarking

Ribbon tag on the story's thumbnail for easy identification of interesting stories.

3.ㅤTripAdvisor Forums

TripAdvisor Forums Benchmarking

Email newsletter sent on regular intervals to keep the users engaged even when not on the website.

TripAdvisor Forums Benchmarking

Ribbon tag on the story's thumbnail for easy identification of interesting stories.

Visual Research

After gathering enough information about online communities, I moved on to the visual research for the Branding and UI style.

I started by browsing through Behance and Pinterest to find logos, illustration styles, compositions that fit the required criteria. I also read rebranding case studies of many brands to draw a parallel between the goals they achieved through the rebrand and the goals we desire to achieve.

Popular Rebrands


The Logo

I redesigned the existing Foodpanda logo to make it look more playful and young. For the logotype, I used the font Cooper Medium, as it is a very playful and rounded font that suited the personality of Foodpanda. I also tried to redesign the Panda logomark to make it look younger and fresher, and give it he expressions of happiness and hunger.

Cards Mockup
Cards Mockup


I have tried to keep the icons very organic and hand-drawn like. This gives the icons a human touch that goes along very well the with the logomark and the logotype.


First Time User

I have kept the UI for the Foodpanda Community very clean and tidy to avoid the user from getting distracted from the main content.

The online community's landing page had to be different for a First Time User and a Returning User (logged in). Using the insights I gained from my research, I decided to include the following sections on the landing pages:

Returning User

For the Foodpanda community, I have considered 2 types of users; the content consumers and the content creators. A particular user in the community can lie in one of these types, or in both of them.

  • The Content Consumers:
    Such users consume the content created by others. They will visit the community website with the objective of exploring recipes, blogs etc. to improve their skills and learn new ones.
  • The Content Creators:
    Such users create content (stories, recipes, livestreams) on the community for the other users to see. They will visit the community website with the objective of showcasing their talent and provide value to the other members of the community.

Some Other Screens

The minimum required deliverable required according to the assignment was the Community Landing Page. But I decided to create a couple of screens more to make my submission a little more complete.

Cards Mockup
Cards Mockup

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