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Weather App

A modern and personalised weather app for iOS & the Apple Watch.

Personal Project

Jan-Feb ’20

UI Designer

iOS & Apple Watch

Weather App Concept Banner Weather App Concept Banner

Designed a modern and personalised weather app for the Apple Watch. Weather is a source of everyday discussion, conversation and complaints. I tried to figure out how gathering and handling information related to weather be made less painful for the users.

Project Obejctives

The objective was to design a modern and personalised weather app. I tried to figure out how gathering and handling information related to weather be made less painful for the users. The app has been build using the Human Interface Guidelines in mind.

Visual Design

Typography & Colours

The colours chosen to depict the weather conditions are very vibrant and bright, so that they can grab the attention of the user on the small screen of the watch. The colours have been derived from the natural colours associated with the particular weather phenomena.

Typography Colours




Home Screen

Instead of bombarding the users with a lot of numbers and complex details, the home screen of the watch and mobile app display just the general details about the weather.

The home screen does this in a very ‘human-like’ manner, and includes a friendly suggestion for a more personal touch.

Mobile App Homescreen
Apple Watch App Homescreen

Weather Details

The mobile weather app shows a wide range of detail ranging from the basic information like temperature, humidity etc, to the in depth information like the chance of rain graph, hourly forecast of temperature, UV index, etc.

On the other hand, the watch app shows only the most basic and essential details. This difference is because of the screen size limitations and the Human Interface Guidelines that say that the watch app screens must not be very information heavy.

Adding & Managing Cities

Adding cities is possible only in the mobile app (and not in the watch app because of a difficult search mechanism present in it). The cities added in the mobile also reflect in the watch app.


Mobile App

Notifications in the mobile app are divided into 2 scenarios - the first type of notifcations appear at regular intervals of time, and the second type of notifs appear when the user travels to a new city.

Watch App

Notifications in the watch app are divided into 3 scenarios. All scenarios are mentioned below.

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